Why You Need Professional Floor Polishing

Why You Need Professional Floor Polishing

Polished concrete floors are becoming a popular flooring option for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings because of its durability and cleaning ease. Concrete floors can withstand the stress of heavy foot traffic. In addition to its durability, a polished or epoxy-coated floor is aesthetically appealing, with a marble-gloss appearance that makes any interior space look clean and professional.

The following are other benefits of polished concrete:

  • Reduced Overall Cost – Cost is a major consideration when installing a flooring system for a large space. While wood is traditionally viewed as a standard choice, concrete floors are, ultimately, more cost-efficient because they require less maintenance and have longer life expectancy.
  • Ready for Immediate Use – You can start using your polished area right away, without worry of toxic fumes. This is especially crucial in establishments where safety is a top priority (e.g. hospitals, grocery stores, and industrial plants).
  •  Mark and Stain Free – Polished concrete floors provide protection against stains and marks, making it the ideal choice for many commercial and industrial spaces. It does not easily get scratched, and tire marks are less frequent.

Polished concrete floors give an impressive look and add value to any space. Without regular maintenance, they can lose their lustre. Dirt and grime can be easily removed with water on a weekly basis, and with a more thorough clean four times a year.

Professional Floor Polishing

Here are some reasons to consider polishing a concrete floor:

  • Create a Sheen – Professionals use the right tools, equipment, and products to polish concrete. Expertly polished floors create an aesthetically impressive, shiny surface. Various colours are available, and chipped glass or other attractive items can be added to the surface.
  •  Prevent Damage – Concrete floors need to be handled and treated properly. Using the wrong equipment or products can scratch the concrete base or cause irreparable damage. Hiring a floor polishing specialist provides peace of mind and protection.
  •  Extend Lifespan – Concrete floors are durable and last a long time. Expert polishing helps strengthen the surface and seals the floor, protecting it from moisture.
  •  Increase Property Value – Having your floor expertly polished adds value to your property. In addition to restoring the beauty of the floor, it is also a great way to protect your investment.

If you’d like to learn more about professional concrete polishing service in Toronto, call Concrete Epoxy 101 at (416) 838-5188. Our skilled floor polishing specialists will provide quality and value. Send us your questions about your flooring project here.

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