Why I Want a Concrete Floor

Why I Want a Concrete Floor

There is a stereotype among some people that concrete is a “boring” material. When they think of concrete, the words “cold” and “industrial” come to mind. However, concrete is actually a very versatile material, especially for flooring. Polished concrete floors have several benefits that make them desirable for both homes and businesses.

Check out these ways a concrete floor can be an excellent fit for your home or workplace. You may be surprised to learn how concrete flooring can be beneficial, both inside and out.


Concrete is one of the best flooring choices if you’re looking for durability. It’s a remarkably robust material, able to withstand high amounts of pressure. While this is great for homes, it also makes concrete an excellent choice in the workplace (specifically places that use trucks or forklifts).

Concrete is tough, and it takes plenty of force to crack or scratch it. Pets, kids, and industrial equipment ordinarily have a hard time causing any noticeable damage. As a bonus, concrete can be sealed to protect it from spills that could damage more traditional flooring.

Concrete is also weather-resistant, which can make it an ideal choice for outdoor areas like patios and terraces. These places are exposed to the elements, but concrete can withstand the elements better than other materials.

built to last


With the right care, concrete floors can last for decades. Other materials crack and scratch over time, requiring costly replacement. Concrete floors withstand more abuse than other flooring options and can be resurfaced if damaged. The lasting quality of concrete can be especially desirable for businesses, as a concrete floor withstands high-traffic areas. Consider this long-lasting floor a great investment that can save a great deal of time and worry for the future.

cost-effective flooring


Concrete is a cost-effective flooring material. On average, it is less expensive to install concrete flooring than other materials. For example, if you’re building a house, it’s usually cheaper to polish the concrete slab and use that for flooring than to lay tiles or other material on top. Because it lasts longer than other flooring materials, you probably won’t be replacing it any time soon. Once you’ve laid down a concrete floor, you can expect it to pass the test of time, saving you the need to replace it.


Concrete is a more sustainable option than other materials, given that it can be installed on pre-existing slabs, with no need to cut up more stone (or wood, or bamboo) for your floor. Sometimes, the concrete underneath existing flooring can be resurfaced and used as the new floor. This can be as simple as removing any existing layer of flooring and adding an overlay to bring the new floor to life.

Using concrete flooring also eliminates installing wood, carpeting, and all the byproducts that come with those options. Organic materials may give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can have harmful effects on health. Concrete doesn’t attract mould or mildew, making your living environment healthier. This can mean fewer allergens in the house, especially during allergy season when there is pollen and dust in the air.

straightforward job


Concrete is easy to clean and maintain. Since it’s resistant to damage and stains, cleaning it becomes a straightforward task. For regular cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floor with a neutral cleaning agent is sufficient. For extra protection, especially for places that work with powerful chemicals (e.g. ggges), it may be necessary to apply a sealant or wax.

Applying an epoxy garage flooring helps protect concrete from wear and tear that can accumulate over the years. Remember to reseal the concrete regularly to provide heightened protection for your floor. For higher traffic areas, consider waxing regularly to preserve its shine. The right maintenance can keep your floor looking as good as new for years.

both indoors and out


You can use concrete both indoors and outdoors, providing you with more flooring options. When used outside, concrete can make an excellent floor for patios. Use a silicon-based sealer to avoid the wet look and keep your deck looking the same wet or dry. Concrete flooring also works well with transition areas like hallways and corridors. It can give your indoor and outdoor areas a seamless appearance when entering or exiting.

You can also use concrete flooring to improve heating around the house. Electrical cables or heating pipes can be installed directly into the floor to keep the floor warm inviting to walk on during cold days.


Concrete flooring can prevent accidents. Applying a non-slip epoxy can improve the appearance and durability of the floor while also making it safer when walking. Treating the floor can help prevent spills, preventing accidental injury.

Non-slip epoxy flooring can benefit high-traffic areas around the workplace. When plenty of people walk around, accidents happen. This can be especially true for businesses that deal with heavy or hazardous materials. With a more slip-resistant floor, you can avoid injuries at work and keep your workforce healthy and productive.

spicing up your building


As we said earlier, many people associate concrete with a dull grey colour. That doesn’t have to be the case. Concrete flooring has many options when it comes to design and colour schemes.

Modern technology allows you to choose colours and textures for your flooring, giving the concrete the appearance of stone or tile, but with far less labour and wasted material. You can even combine colours, textures, polishing, and patterns to create your own custom design. While the concrete sets, it can be stained, textured, or stamped to produce the effect you want. This aesthetic flexibility makes concrete an option inside your house as well as a garage or workplace.

A concrete floor is an asset for your building, no matter what purpose you have in mind. Whether it’s to make your home more charming or to improve operations at your workplace, concrete flooring can work to your advantage. Consider using concrete flooring during your building projects or renovations to reap the rewards. If you were looking for ideas to spice up the aesthetic or streamline movement around the building, this might be the answer.

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