Interior Design Trends To Upgrade Your Condo

Interior Design Trends To Upgrade Your Condo

Just because you bought a condo doesn’t mean that you are locked into its look forever. There are tons of stunning interior design trends that will upgrade your space and increase your condo’s value. Developers looking to design a new condominium building implement these ideas to get the highest value for each unit. Some are easy to do yourself; others, especially polished concrete flooring techniques, require the help of professionals.

Whether you’re looking to sell your condo or want to make it feel more like home, adopting one or more of these trends will get you the visual style you need. If you’re ready to transform your space into a welcoming, personal, and high-value condo, here are eight trends to follow.

1. Sustainable Materials

2019 is showing a continuation of the sustainability trend we’ve seen in the past few years. Condo owners, especially millennials, increasingly care about the origins of their design materials. Hardwood floors look nice, but were thousands of trees cut down to harvest them? You can make your condo more eco-friendly by using sustainable materials that won’t get depleted by the home design industry.

For example, consider purchasing one-of-a-kind furniture made by artisans from your community. Patronize your local artists for decor pieces. Opt for energy-efficient appliances that don’t drain electricity. Handmade, natural materials for the home are trendy and ethical. Ensure that wherever you purchase your pieces from is sustainable.

2. Throwback To Memphis Design

geometric shapes

In the 1980s, a group of architects coined the Memphis Design style. This style comprised of bright, primary colours, geometric shapes, and unexpected furniture designs. Many associate this style solely with television from the ‘80s, but it was created by a group of Milanese architects and designers trying to disrupt “good taste” with humour and bright colours (the group was named after a Bob Dylan song that was played during their first meeting, and has nothing to do with the city of Memphis).

Today, we’re seeing a huge comeback of Memphis Design. To upgrade your condo with Memphis elements, opt for bold, bright colours. Geometric shelving units, squiggly line art, and couches shaped like seashells all denote Memphis Design. You don’t have to go 100 percent Saved By the Bell; but adding one or two Memphis elements in each room will add a sense of fun, humour, and lightness to your home.

3. Maximalism

For many of us, minimalism held onto interior designers’ eyes for too long. Sure, sleek and clean rooms can look attractive; however, they can also appear cold and barren. This year, most designers are thrilled to see the pendulum swing to the other side—maximalism.

Floor to ceiling gallery walls, patterns layered with patterns, and busy fabrics make a home look welcoming and, well, homey. Maximalism is all about your space being lived in with elements of your personality featured in each room. This doesn’t mean your condo should be cluttered; every item should have a designated place and a reason for being there. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to five or fewer decor items anymore.

4. Floral & Printed Wallpaper

Floral & Printed Wallpaper

For many years, floral wallpaper made people think of their grandmothers. That’s changing; florals are appearing on fashion runways and in home decor magazines. Wallpaper, in general, has been making a comeback. The walls that used to be reserved for painting an accent colour can now be covered with a statement wallpaper.

If floral isn’t your style, try bold geometric shapes. Experiment with bright colours, interesting patterns, and vibrant textures. You can even get peel-and-stick wallpaper so you can alter the look when the mood strikes you.

Where should you try out this trend in your condo? Consider outfitting one of your bathrooms with a funky wallpaper print on each wall. Or, wallpaper your hallways with a subtle, yet quirky, print.

5. Biophilia


Biophilia is the technical term for our human desire to connect with nature. In home design, it refers to making your man-made space feel more earthy. Most designers accomplish this by adding plants and succulents to windowsills and side tables. A vertical garden can take this trend to the next level.

If you have enough sunlight in your space, dedicate a small- to medium-sized wall to being covered in green. Not only does it look trendy and current, but plants provide many benefits. They improve the scent of the air in your condo like a natural air freshener, boost your mood, and help increase productivity (some studies indicate by as much as 15%). You can add tropical foliage to your space to create an Amazonian aesthetic, or use it to grow your own fruits and veggies year-round.

You don’t need southern exposure to incorporate biophilia into your decor; select plants that thrive under indirect sunlight. Try to incorporate some form of biophilia to each room in your condo. There are professional urban gardening companies that can help you with this design.

6. Colour of the Year

Each year, Pantone announces its colour of the year. For 2019, it’s “living coral.” A mix of pink and orange, living coral is bright, vibrant, and youthful. It’s not necessarily feminine as it can lean more orange when paired with greens and browns. For your condo upgrades, consider making living coral one of your accent colours. Choose backsplash tiles in this bold colour or even buy appliances in it. Bedding and towels also look amazing in living coral, especially when paired with complementary colours.

Recent design trends encourage us to move away from cool-toned neutrals and start warming up our spaces. Living coral makes the perfect companion to a warm grey, tan, or creamy white spaces.

7. Cordless Lighting Fixtures

Cordless Lighting Fixtures

Condos that have cords and cables running along the floors and walls make the space look chaotic. It seems disorganized, and the cables distract from the overall feel of the room. Upgrade your condo by getting rid of cords and cables.

Hire an electrician to run the cables behind the walls for your television and entertainment system. Opt for wireless electronics when possible; then choose fantastic lighting fixtures that are cordless. Sconces and hanging fixtures elevate the space and make it look more sophisticated. To stay on-trend, choose fixtures in mixed metals like brass, copper, iron, or silver.

8. Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Does your condo have concrete floors? If so, you’re already ahead of the trends because concrete has been showing up everywhere lately. It gives the room an earthy, relaxed vibe without distracting from other design elements. All you need to do is get your concrete floors polished to really step up your condo’s appearance. Once they’re polished, your floors will have a subtle shine that always looks clean and welcoming. Plus, polished concrete is stain-resistant and slip-proof! For developers who are constructing brand new condominiums, concrete is the best option for flooring. It retains its value and makes every unit look sharp and on-trend.

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