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The garage may be one of the least thought-of places in a home when people think of renovating. However, if your garage floor is old and worn, cracks can damage the tires of your vehicle/s and chemicals that have seeped into the concrete can harm the health of your family. If you’re considering making improvements to your garage, coating garage floors with epoxy is a durable and cost-effective solution. Trust Concrete Epoxy 101 to deliver quality garage flooring for Vaughan customers, and call us today for a consultation.
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Why Epoxy Garage Flooring Trumps Other Options

Latex paint may seem like a good flooring option in a garage. However, it is prone to peeling, scratching, and stains. It ages easily and will often need a fresh coat. Hardwood floors are easily stained, prone to water damage, and need occasional refinishing. Ceramic tiles are slippery, cold in the winter and susceptible to discolouration, scratches, and cracks. Additionally, damage to the hardwood and ceramic flooring promotes the growth of mould and bacteria, creating an unsafe environment.

Epoxy is extremely durable, resistant to wear, low maintenance, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

•  Amplified Ambient Lighting – Aside from adding a beautiful sheen to your garage floors, the reflective properties of epoxy enhances the lighting, making the area twice as bright. You no longer need to use as many lighting fixtures as you would with other floor finishes. Improved visibility makes it safer for you to park your vehicle and easier to do car maintenance work and avoid tripping hazards.
•  High Durability – Coating your garage floors with epoxy makes it resistant to water, stains, and damage, preserving the integrity of your floors. It can take high amounts of abuse (e.g. high vehicle and foot traffic, heavy impact, and fire). With proper care and maintenance, it can last a lifetime.
•  Health and Eco-Friendly – Epoxy coating is not laced with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It prevents porous concrete from trapping any debris, harmful chemicals, mould, and bacteria that can harm you or your family. Additionally, cleaning requires only soap and water so you do not wind up introducing harmful cleaning agents into the air or runoffs.
•  Cost-Effective – Because of its durability and low-cost maintenance, you don’t need repairs or refinishing.

Bring an old and worn garage back to life. Concrete Epoxy 101 offers services for epoxy concrete polishing and garage flooring in Vaughan and throughout the GTA. Consult with us today; dial (416) 838-5188.

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