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Does your garage have unsightly stains or greasy slicks that look unattractive or create a slipping hazard in your parking spot or workspace? Contact Concrete Epoxy 101 for garage flooring in Toronto and the GTA. Not only do our floor treatments improve the durability, traction, and safety of a concrete surface, its overall appearance will improve and become easy to clean.
We’ll polish and coat any concrete garage floor surface, making it chemical-resistant. Our epoxy coatings can vastly improve the look of the space, making it a great place to entertain when the car is parked outside.
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Benefits of Toronto Garage Flooring

Here’s how your garage floor — or any surface — can improve with one of our flooring systems:

•  A Better Look – Choose from various colours to brighten a dull, gray floor. It’s amazing how concrete polishing can radically alter the appearance of any room, even in an area traditionally used for parking, oil changes, and storage.
•  Environmental Benefits – You won’t need any new materials like wood, tile, or anything else to improve the aesthetics of your garage floor. When it comes to cleaning, water is the only agent needed; there’s no need to add harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to your home.
•  Longer Life – Unpolished concrete can wear faster than a treated surface, especially when chemicals are spilled. Protect your garage floor with a Concrete Epoxy 101 surface. Our team can take a look at the area and give you a quote for the work.
•  Breathe Better – A floor with epoxy coating isn’t porous and prevents mould growth. Trapped moisture is a thing of the past, as is mildew, unwanted bacteria, dust mites and other allergens.
•  Walk Confidently – Worry less about slipping and falling when something is spilled on your polished garage floor. It’s slip-resistant! No more covering oil and chemical spills with cardboard and “hoping for the best.”

Improve the quality of your garage, the air in your home, and make cleaning oil drips (and other spills) a breeze. Reduce your family’s exposure to dirty air, and simply hose down the garage after a work project or party. Concrete Epoxy 101 is happy to visit your home and provide a consultation; call us at (416) 838-5188 for expert garage flooring in Toronto.

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