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Whether you’ve decided to give your garage a complete makeover, make room for a workshop, or convert it to a showroom for your bikes or other special acquisitions, you can benefit by coating concrete floors or garage floor tiles with epoxy. With it, you can coat other concrete surfaces as well, including walls, walkways, and ceilings.
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Compared to leaving the concrete without a coat or covering it with paint, epoxy amplifies the safety of your garage with affordable non-slip and long-lasting protection for your space and your vehicles. Concrete Epoxy 101 provides quality epoxy coating and garage flooring in Richmond Hill; call us to improve this often overlooked space.

By coating garage surfaces with epoxy, you can:

Enhance the space.

Regardless of what use you have in store for your garage, epoxy can add a more dramatic, high gloss effect to concrete and garage floor tiles. Its reflective property improves ambient lighting for better visibility when parking at night, fixing your vehicle, or tinkering in your workshop. With the various colours available, you can add your own personal touch.

Improve water and stain resistance.

Epoxy coating seals the porous surfaces of concrete. It keeps moisture from seeping into the material or for stains to set, making it mould-proof and looking its best after the worst liquid spills.

Effortlessly clean messes.

Whether you’re dealing with mud, motor oil, grease, paint, or other substances, epoxy makes cleanup simple. Armed with only a mop (or rag) and soapy water, you can rid yourself of these messes easily.

Add damage protection.

Epoxy can hold its own against the harshest treatment — constant use, extreme temperatures, and heavy impact — you name it. It is durable, and will save you on repair costs. It is also gentle on tires and will keep them from wearing down too quickly.

Save on cost.

In comparison to tiles and other finishes, epoxy is the more affordable and durable alternative. Quick and easy installation will get your garage in working order without significant disruptions to daily activities. It is a cost-effective flooring solution, suitable for home and commercial use.

Improve safety.

Increased lighting and visibility also increases the safety of your garage. Easy cleanup means that you have no need to introduce harmful chemicals when cleaning your home. And since the epoxy acts as a sealant, mould, bacteria, and debris are less likely to get into your indoor air.

If you’re looking for functional, efficient, and cost effective garage ideas or designs to amplify your renovation project, look no further than epoxy coating. With the various benefits you gain from it, you can turn your garage into a safe haven or storage space for your vehicle and your family.

Concrete Epoxy 101 provides concrete polishing and garage flooring for Richmond Hill homes and businesses. Call us at (416) 838-5188.
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