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Garage floors are probably the most difficult part of a home to keep clean and dry. Grease, tire marks, oil, and solvents can affect the appearance of its surface. Harmful chemicals can easily seep into the cracks, posing a risk to the health of the household.
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Garage Flooring for Markham Homes

If you are tired of looking at all the dirty marks in your garage or planning to give it a complete makeover, installing stain- and skid-resistant garage flooring in Markham is a smart home improvement option. Contact Concrete Epoxy 101 if you want a flawless, waterproof, and durable surface for your garage floor.

New flooring can transform an old and boring garage into practical, functional, and beautifully finished area in your home. Coating a garage floor with epoxy has these benefits:

•  Durability
•  Wear-resistance
•  Added aesthetic value
•  Skid prevention/safety
•  Water- and stain-resistance
•  Effortless cleaning
•  Cost-efficiency

While there are various types of resin coatings used on garage floors, epoxy floor coating is a safe and environmentally friendly choice. It can endure a high range of temperatures and heavy operating loads. Its seamless, finished coat lasts for years.

Quality Markham Garage Flooring

Concrete Epoxy 101 can bring a dramatic effect to your garage no matter what plans you have in mind (e.g. a workshop, showroom for vehicles, party room when vehicles are parked outside). Here’s how it works:

•  Prepping the Floor – Our team of specialists will carefully remove existing coatings, glues, and other materials. We use coarser grades of tools during the diamond grinding process to open the pores and allow epoxy coating to completely penetrate the concrete. We thoroughly sand existing cracks and damage, and fill any holes to prepare the floor for further grinding and epoxy coating application.
•  Pre-Polishing – Higher grit diamond tools are used to additionally grind, flatten, and level the concrete surface to ensure the floor is ready for the final polishing process.
•  Application of Epoxy Coating – Clients may choose from a wide variety of finishes to add character or colour to the garage floor. We carefully apply the first coat of epoxy to the surface and let it dry overnight. After the final application dries for another 24 hours, the floor is ready to use.

At Concrete Epoxy 101 , our team provides professional insights about garage flooring to Markham clients. We will proactively communicate with you every stage of the process. Dial (416) 838-5188 and let us talk about your floor enhancement project.

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