Some F.A.Qs

Will your team disrupt my commercial business processes?
No. At Concrete Poxy, we understand how important it is that our clients’ businesses can operate properly while we are doing our job. We achieve this through our dust-free technology, overnight availability, remote control machines that can operate independently, and efficient workmanship.
Are your products environmentally friendly?
Yes. We take sustainability very seriously, and our flooring options are guaranteed eco-friendly.
How do I clean my polished concrete floors?
One of the benefits of polished concrete is that it is extremely easy to keep clean. A simple mop and bucket of water will do the trick to keep your floors as shiny as they were the day we left!
Will your team make a mess of my home or business?
No. It is our promise to you that we will provide our services in a manner that poses as little disruption to your day-to-day life or services as possible. We are able to do this through our dust-free technology that ensures cleanliness throughout the entire process.
How long do the effects of your services last?
When you polish your concrete or apply an epoxy floor coating to it, you ensure the lifetime durability of it.

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