Epoxy Flooring

If you are looking for a flooring system that can stand the test of time and is chemical-, spill-, and stain-resistant, an epoxy coated floor is an excellent option. Concrete Epoxy 101 offers various protective coating services, including epoxy flooring for Vaughan residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Depending upon the level of foot traffic in an area, our floor specialists will formulate the right performance requirements for your flooring system.
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Various Applications of Vaughan Epoxy Flooring

•  Industrial – Using advanced technology, we install epoxy floors that are easy to clean, durable, abrasion- and stain-resistant, have excellent colour retention, and a highly functional, reliable surface. Epoxy floors are ideal for food and beverage production, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and chemical processing facilities. They can also be useful in a home garage or workshop.
•  Commercial – Epoxy floors offer numerous benefits for commercial establishment owners, in particular. They provide protection against wear and tear to the concrete substrate. Despite the shiny appearance, its slip-resistant property is actually superior to that of other surfaces, and reduces the risk of customers or employees falling. Our flooring professionals can add unique, rich colour to epoxy floor finishes, adding aesthetic value to your space.
•  Residential – Although used more commonly in industrial and commercial spaces, epoxy floors are becoming a popular flooring system for homeowners making improvements to basements, garages, patios, and driveways. Application of epoxy coating can instantly transform lifeless concrete surfaces into beautiful and brilliant works of art.

Why Choose Us

For most commercial and industrial applications, installation of epoxy flooring in Vaughan is a serious business, requiring meticulous attention to detail. The performance requirements are extensive and intricate. Hiring us to install your epoxy flooring comes with numerous advantages, including:

•  Safety – Concrete Epoxy 101 flooring specialists do not solely focus on the aesthetic value of your epoxy floor — safety is our top priority. These surfaces provide skid-and-slip resistance to help avoid accidents.
•  Expert Assistance – Our team shares our professional knowledge to help guide customers choosing the right epoxy coating for their site. With our skills and experience, we can determine the resin and method of installation that is most appropriate for your application.
•  Cost-Effectiveness – Epoxy flooring is an affordable, eco-friendly option, requiring fewer materials than standard tile flooring or carpet. This durable surface rarely requires repair or replacement.
•  Expertise with Epoxy Flooring – We prioritize careful planning and detailing and expert epoxy flooring installation. With the professional workmanship we provide, our team gives clients peace of mind that their investment will last for years to come.

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