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Concrete Epoxy 101 provides coatings for floor surfaces and epoxy flooring in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Various industries and commercial businesses appreciate the look, durability, and benefits our epoxy coatings provide. Depending upon the wear and tear and foot traffic your flooring must withstand, we’ll determine the right solution for you. For homeowners, we can coat your garage floor to be chemical-resistant or apply epoxy to a single room’s floor to improve its aesthetic value.
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Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Toronto Homes and Businesses

Businesses that utilize heavy machinery, handle pharmaceuticals, or deal with food production recognize the many benefits epoxy flooring provides for concrete surfaces. The same perks are available for homeowners, whether you’re doing a major renovation or simply updating the look of one area. Here’s what you can gain with our flooring systems:

•  Additional Aesthetic Options – A variety of colours are available; select one to complement your existing design or completely change the appearance of any area.
•  “Green” and Eco-Friendly – By polishing a concrete floor and adding an epoxy coating, you remove the need for using new materials. Cleaning is a breeze — usually, only water is necessary – limiting your exposure to harsh chemicals.
•  Extended Lifespan – Other materials fade, wear down, and eventually need replacement. If your concrete surface is in good condition, no other kind of floor system has the durability of a polished concrete floor with epoxy coating.
•  Improved Air Quality – Epoxy floors are not porous and do not trap mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, or moisture like other floors do.
•  Increased Traction – Reduce the threat of slip-and-fall accidents in your home, office, restaurant, or plant. Polished concrete is slip-resistant. There’s no need to use wax to create shine, further reducing the likelihood of injury.
•  Unaffected by Moisture – Flooring like carpeting and tile can be damaged by water, and when it seeps underneath it can create additional problems. Polished concrete breathes, allowing dampness and moisture to dry more easily.
•  Energy Savings – Our floors reflect light better than other floor surfaces. Save on your hydro bill with a polished concrete floor.

Factors That Affect Epoxy Flooring Cost

Compared to tiles and many other flooring materials, epoxy flooring is by far more cost-efficient, both short- and long-term. It can last decades with minimal maintenance while offering a multitude of options for design.

A few of the major factors that influence the costs of epoxy floor coating are:

•  Square footage – The cost of epoxy coatings are determined based on the size of the area that needs work.
•  Amount of traffic – Higher traffic areas require a higher investment. Epoxy flooring for garage surfaces will need to be sturdier than epoxy flooring in a basement. Likewise, commercial or industrial establishments — especially those that deal with heavy traffic from heavy vehicles, like a truck — require a higher-quality material as opposed to a residential garage.
•  Resin type – Epoxy involves the use of resin, which can be made of different materials including water-based resin and 100% pure solid. These epoxy types are priced by the gallon and will determine how much you spend overall. Certain resin types also require professional installation.
•  Professional services – Hiring a professional to do the job will cost more than doing the work yourself, but the job will also be done much better, faster, and more safely. While DIY projects may be tempting (because it is cheaper on the get-go), it may cost you more later on if not done properly.
•  Downtime – Epoxy coating requires time for preparations, installation, and curing, which can result in downtime and add to the overall expense. Homeowners may need to invest in a storage facility to house their belongings while businesses may have to plan shutdowns to accommodate the work.
•  Work type – Other things to consider when determining price is the type of work to be done — installation, resurfacing, or repair

Make an economical decision that saves on materials, limits your long-term exposure to chemicals and bad air, and provides a safe surface for all who pass under your roof. Call Concrete Epoxy 101 today for a consultation: (416) 838-5188. We can make your concrete floor an attractive complement to your current décor.

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