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Epoxy Flooring Richmond Hill

Epoxy Flooring Richmond HillConcrete Epoxy 101 provides floor coating services for commercial buildings and residences. Having floors coated or concrete polished helps make rooms brighter and improves the durability of the surface. If your business, restaurant, hotel, or industrial shop endures heavy foot traffic, consider epoxy flooring in Richmond Hill to make your floors last longer.

Epoxy flooring beautifies floors and makes them longer-lasting.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved safety – Epoxy floor coating makes a floor surface slip-, impact-, and heat-resistant. Tight sealing prevents moisture and makes them impervious to germs. This feature makes an epoxy floor perfect for medical facilities and food production. The shiny gloss improves visibility by reflecting light (especially important for garages and industrial workplaces).
  • Ease of cleaning – The floor treatment leaves your floor non-porous and resistant to fluids that can cause stains (oil, bleach, transmission fluid, etc.). Your floors can be easily wiped clean of any spills, dirt and debris without any damage to the coating.
  • Wide array of colours Epoxy flooring for Richmond Hill properties provides a high-gloss shine that comes in a variety of colours. Select among colours that complement your design. You can also colour certain floor areas to designate spaces and direct traffic (e.g. directing forklift operators in factories).
  • Efficiency – The brightness of an epoxy-treated floor can help reflect both outdoor and indoor light, reducing hydro costs (and your energy usage). The floors are easily rinsed with water, saving you money on cleaning services and negating the use of toxic chemicals in your space.
  • Increased productivity – Epoxy treating makes floors more durable, reducing wear and tear and is easier on tires that are driven or parked on the surface. The durability is unsurpassed and saves you money on both floor repairs and part replacement for vehicles.
  • Cost-efficiency – You can expect epoxy flooring to last a long time without replacement or maintenance concerns. Unlike carpeting and tile, which require constant upkeep to remedy stains and cracks, expoxy is laid to last. The treatment can also be applied quickly, causing little disruption to your home or businesses.

To get the most out of your floors, call Concrete Epoxy 101 to talk about epoxy flooring in Richmond Hill. With this service, you can expect surface longevity and ease of maintenance. Call us today at (416) 838-5188 for a consultation.