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Epoxy Flooring Markham
Epoxy coated floors provide a reliable and heavy-duty solution for everyday vehicle and foot traffic that test the endurance of concrete floor surfaces. Concrete Epoxy 101 offers the advantages of epoxy flooring for Markham residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. We provide exceptional work to rid you of flooring troubles.
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Quality and Affordable Epoxy Floor for All Applications

An epoxy floor is a quality option for various establishments, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

•  For Commercial and Industrial Sites – Epoxy coating will benefit establishments looking to enhance their floor with a sleek, durable and highly functional surface. Facilities for manufacturing, food production, restaurants, and pharmaceutical establishments are better able to make the most of their space.
•  For Residences – Though generally designed for commercial and industrial use, the benefits of epoxy flooring extend to Markham homeowners considering improvements for their garage. Chemical-resistant and eco-friendly, an epoxy garage surface can preserve the health of both home and family.

Best Reviews — Epoxy Floor Advantages

There are various epoxy floor reviews around the web. Based on these, we’ve highlighted its many advantages:

•  Durability – Epoxy floors are longer-lasting and significantly resistant to wear. The polymer coating gives concrete floors the ability to withstand constant foot and vehicle traffic, heavy loads, and exposure to harmful substances like corrosive chemicals and oils. A basic epoxy coating on concrete floors can improve its durability, so your floors last longer without needing repairs. Much stronger than tiles and other flooring solutions, epoxy is an excellent option for areas in the home that receive a high amount of traffic (like the garage) or are prone to spillage or stains (like the kitchen or bathroom).
•  Time, Cost, and Energy Saver – Coating floors with epoxy is a quick and easy process, with minimal downtime from daily operations and the resulting income loss. Additionally, the bright sheen of epoxy magnifies indoor lighting by twofold, increasing visibility and eliminating the need for additional lighting fixtures — ultimately saving energy.
•  Low Maintenance – The porous characteristic of concrete invites mould and stains, which can harm the integrity of a floor. Epoxy seals the surface to keep these troubles at bay and requires only a weekly cleaning with a mop, water, and pH-neutral soaps. While tiles need grout maintenance and can stain easily, epoxy floors are neither of these. This way, you minimize the time you spend cleaning every day.
•  Aesthetic Appeal – The high gloss coating adds a beautiful lustre to the floor. A wide array of colours is available to accent the surface and match your specific aesthetic needs. The designs of such flooring solutions as tiles and marble are dependent on the selection offered by manufacturers, limiting your choices. With epoxy, imagination is the only limit. It is highly customizable — so far as to give you the ability to make it look like tiles, marble, wood, brick or stone.
•  Safety – Slip-resistant and able to withstand various elements (e.g. heavy impact, fluctuating temperatures, and fire), an epoxy coating helps preserve the safety of a building and its tenants. Epoxy also protects vehicles from wear, maintaining optimal functionality and safe operations. It is a feasible option for areas prone to slip and fall accidents, like bathrooms or manufacturing floors.
•  “Go Green” Option – Polishing concrete floors with epoxy reduces the need for new materials, making it environmentally friendly. It also prolongs the lifespan of vehicles, avoiding wasted resources and funds needed for new cars or bikes.

Concrete Epoxy 101 — For the Best Epoxy Floor Quality

Concrete Epoxy 101 is your one-stop-shop for epoxy flooring solutions — whether you are looking into the best provider of epoxy floor products for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. We offer high-quality workmanship at affordable rates.

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