Enhance Your Concrete Garage Floor with Our Services

Enhance Your Concrete Garage Floor with Our Services

Your garage is your palace. It’s where you park your car after a long day’s commute. It’s where you clean, buff, or polish your vehicle. It may be where you store your car supplies, cleaning equipment, treasured hobbies, gardening items, yard tools, and unwieldy valuables. Your garage is also the perfect place to keep things your spouse doesn’t want in the house. 

As experts in garage flooring in Toronto — we know that just because your garage is rough, sturdy, and versatile, it doesn’t mean that it can’t look good or be a hygienic space. Many homeowners confess that while they love their garages, they often don’t pay attention to maintenance and cleanliness concerns. 

Over time, your garage can collect dust, allergens, oil stains, fluid stains, and more. What’s more, every time you start your vehicle in the morning, it blows out toxic fumes as its engine warms up in the cold weather. Many of the toxins are absorbed by your concrete floor. 

Over time, this can impact your garage floor’s lifespan and the health of everyone who lives in the house. Whenever you or your family enter the garage, you breathe the garage air, if just for a few minutes. In addition, some of the elements from your garage ultimately make their way into your home whenever you enter your house from your garage door, and there’s only so much your HVAC filter can catch. 

Remember, concrete is an excellent material for your garage floor. When correctly installed, concrete can support the weight of your heavy vehicle, extreme heat, and extreme cold. However, concrete needs maintenance to last over thirty years. Otherwise, it can develop cracks. Although some cracks are to be expected, many cracks can develop into serious ones, allowing water to seep through them and into your home’s foundation, resulting in serious problems. 

Without maintenance, your concrete floor can also develop potholes, which are hazardous for you and your vehicle. 

At Concrete Poxy 101, we offer a variety of services that can enhance your concrete garage floor. Let’s look at how your garage floor, or any surface for that matter, can transform with one of our systems:

  • Gorgeous Look:  After our concrete epoxy experts are done with your floor, it will look beautiful and shine like a mirror. Your family and friends will be shocked by how nice your garage floor looks. With epoxy coating, you can also select the right colour aesthetic for your garage. 
  • Eco-friendly: Your garage floor will be easy to maintain with a mop and a bucket of water. You don’t need services or cleaning supplies that use compounds harmful to you and the environment.
  • Longer Life: As we said earlier, a properly maintained concrete floor can last a lifetime. When you take advantage of epoxy flooring in Toronto for your garage, you make a smart financial decision.  
  • Better Air Quality: After any floor is polished, it becomes resistant to all sorts of elements like moisture, mildew, unwanted bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. You and your loved ones can enjoy better air quality in your home after using our professional services.  
  • Safety: Many people incorrectly assumed that a freshly polished or coated floor is slippery and dangerous to walk on. On the contrary, after our team of experts are done with their sophisticated machinery, your floor will have added friction and be more slip-resistant. You won’t have to hide oil and chemical spills with cardboard anymore and hope for the best.
  • Easy Maintenance: Whether you choose to get your garage floor polished or add an epoxy coating, the effects will last a lifetime with a little maintenance. Clean the dust regularly and wipe it with a wet mop periodically, and it will shine like new every day. Just remember to avoid abrasive chemicals — you don’t need them! Often, just a little bit of gentle dishwashing detergent is enough to clean the gunk. 

Aside from your garage, we can also enhance any concrete floor in your residence with our concrete polishing services in Toronto. We use the best machines with diamonds imported from Finland and Sweden to grind your floor to the desired smoothness. Remember, unlike other companies, we use 99.8% dust-free equipment for your safety. 

After your floors are grinded, they are sealed and polished to give your home the perfect glossy finish. To learn more about our cost-effective services, give Concrete Epoxy 101 a call at (416) 838-5188. Our team of friendly professionals will be happy to answer any questions and give you a quote. 

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