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When you need a new look for your old basement, commercial space, or other areas, you may begin pricing hardwood flooring installation and other expensive measures. However, if you already have a concrete surface laid, you may have a more economical and eco-friendly alternative: concrete polishing in Toronto.
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Concrete Epoxy 101 can entirely transform a room or an entire floor of a building. Our process is accepted by architects and designers as part of a contemporary appearance, and its popularity is expanding to other types of design. No matter the condition of your current floor, the polishing process applied by our team will modify that rough or stained surface into a floor that shines like marble.

Environmental Impact of Toronto Concrete Polishing

Instead of using raw materials, concrete polishing uses your existing surface and turns it into something new. Using stain-resistant treatments and hardeners that are water-based, our experts will change your concrete into a floor that is beautiful and requires little maintenance. It’s both appealing and practical.

You can also add recycled materials to add to the aesthetic value of the floor, making it wholly unique. Some clients request marble chips, crushed glass, and bits of metal – all of which can be incorporated into your individual design.

Our floors are devoid of materials containing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that pollute the air and can endanger our health. If you’re renovating a space that’s to be occupied by a baby, young people, workers – pretty much anybody – the smart choice is to limit chemical exposure to occupants.

Save Money on Upkeep and Upgrade Cost with Concrete
Polishing in Toronto

Concrete floor restoration is a one-time process with minimal production downtime and has very little maintenance. Commercial spaces, in particular, benefit from a polished floor’s durability and walkability. Concrete Epoxy 101 can handle any polishing request, no matter the square footage. We’ll create an environment that is appealing and has the finish you desire.

Other benefits of concrete polishing for Toronto spaces include a reduction in energy bills, as our floors reflect light better than other surfaces. They’re also resistant to dust and mould, making your home or building healthier for those with asthma or other breathing difficulties. The indoor air is more sanitary without those airborne allergens.

Add Durability and Aesthetic Appeal by Polishing a
Concrete Floor Surface

Many customers may question which choice works better: polyaspartic vs. epoxy. Both coatings bear many similarities and can, in fact, be used together on the same surface to provide superior protection. Both are durable and aesthetically pleasing options. Versatile and adaptable, they can be customized for use in various flooring systems.

While many believe that concrete flooring might make a room seem grim and factory-like, this isn’t the case. The versatility of polished concrete offers you a wide range of design options for you to choose from. Concrete-polishing techniques can turn any concrete surface into an eye-catching work of art that can withstand the abuse of heavy impact and traffic.

Commercial and Residential Polished Concrete Floors Better Than Tiled

To sum it up, compared to tiles or hardwood floors, polished concrete surfaces are:

•  Aesthetically-pleasing – With stamping and staining techniques and a broad range of colours available, you can make any concrete surface look however you want. You can transform concrete into materials like marble or slate and even add a tiling effect by scoring the surface.
•  Longer-lasting – Polished concrete is an excellent surface for high traffic areas, able to weather even commercial or industrial use. It is water-resistant, impact-resistant, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.
•  Safer – The non-slip characteristic of polished concrete minimizes the slip-and-fall hazard. Free of VOCs, it’s safe for the environment and the indoor air of the home or workspace.
•  Easier to maintain – While both tiles and concrete can easily be maintained by mopping regularly with soap and water, polished concrete doesn’t need extra waxing or sealing.
•  More cost-effective – Besides savings on maintenance, you can also save on electricity bills. With the reflective property of concrete, your polished floors can have better visibility with minimal lighting. Additionally, the ability of concrete to absorb and retain heat longer can minimize heating costs in the winter.

If you’ve decided it’s time to change the outdated appearance of your home or business by removing toxic surfaces — or ugly, old laminate or tile flooring — give Concrete Epoxy 101 a call. Our work can withstand the heaviest foot traffic and is stain-resistant.

Find out the wondrous things that can be done with bland-looking commercial and residential concrete floors. Call us today for a consultation; you’ll be happy you did!

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