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When you need a cost-efficient flooring option that can last a long time, consider concrete polishing. Concrete Epoxy 101 provides quality service to make your floor look as beautiful (or elegant) as hardwood or tiles. Concrete polishing for Richmond Hill businesses and homes provides a glossy, reflective floor featuring whatever colour(s) you choose. The finish is low maintenance, requiring only an occasional round with soapy water to maintain the original sparkle.
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How Concrete Polishing Works

The concrete polishing process is similar to sanding wood. The first step is grinding, which gets the floor to the desired smoothness. This can also expose an aggregate pattern in the concrete, if you favour that design. The polishing machines used by our team have diamond-impregnated disks to remove pits, blemishes, and stains from the floor. Like sanding wood, the initial work uses increasingly fine grits as the work progresses to get the desired sheen.

Before polishing, we apply a sealing solution to the floor to solidify the concrete and fill any holes or cracks created during the initial grinding. If not removed, these unsightly holes will be visible after the final polish, so we fill them to maintain the aesthetic of your floor. Adding a sealant also makes the concrete more water and scratch-proof, reducing upkeep costs in the future.

After the grinding process, we move on to polishing. Here, we use very fine grits to get your desired sheen. The higher the grit, the more glossy your floor will be. Using a final grit of 1500 or higher will give the floor a particularly high-gloss finish.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

If you desire Concrete polishing for a Richmond Hill location, you’ll enjoy immediate benefits. Many commercial or industrial buildings are already familiar with the cost savings and convenience of this process. Some of the positives include:

•  Ease of maintenance – Polished concrete will maintain its appearance with minimal upkeep and resists damage more readily than regular concrete.
•  Aesthetic appearance – Concrete polishing is available in different colours to suit specific themes or purposes as needed.
•  Cost-efficient – Concrete polishing is a fairly low-cost, long-lasting option that makes it a good investment for years to come.

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