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Concrete Polishing in Markham

staining floorPolished concrete is a popular and durable alternative to hardwood and tile floors. While concrete floors are relatively low-maintenance, they can be porous, and they’re not very attractive. However, concrete polishing for Markham home and business surfaces creates a beautiful sheen that can vastly increase the durability of a floor and improve aesthetics in any room or area.

Concrete Epoxy 101 is your go-to contractor specializing in professional concrete polishing, giving residential, commercial, and industrial floors a resilient gloss at a reasonable price. Using state-of-the-art floor polishing equipment and tools, our team of flooring experts will help you create a masterpiece out of an old, dull, or new concrete floor.

The appearance of flooring is important for any building, as is the safety factor when walking or working on it. Despite its smooth surface, polished concrete is skip- and skid-resistant, making it durable while preventing accidents. Spills are simply removed with water, making maintenance easy and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals for cleaning. At Concrete Epoxy 101, our team of flooring specialists treats every concrete polishing project an opportunity to deliver a positive impact on your home or business life.

Eco-Friendly Markham Concrete Polishing

When it comes to eco-friendly buildings, no surface is “greener” than a polished concrete floor. Concrete polishing smooths out a rough surface and creates lustre on plain cement without the use of harsh chemicals. We use stain-resistant water-based treatments and hardeners that will enhance and preserve the beauty of the floor surface while requiring little maintenance. Our flooring specialists also provide top-of-the-line protective coating services.

Clients may opt to incorporate recycled materials into the surface (e.g. marble chips, crushed glass, and metal bits) to jazz up the aesthetic design of their floor. Our concrete polishing process for Markham flooring does not use agents containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), a harmful gaseous chemical that can endanger the health of a building’s occupants.

Our concrete polishing specialists’ skills and experience allow us to provide you a durable, beautiful, slip-resistant floor surface. For a professional team that delivers quality workmanship, give Concrete Epoxy 101 a call at (416) 838-5188 or fill out our online form for an estimate. Let’s talk about your business, home, or industrial concrete floor polishing project.