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When you need high-quality concrete polishing, get in touch with Concrete Epoxy 101. We use state-of-the-art dust-free technology to give our clients precise, even, and beautiful flooring. It’s our goal to provide attractive commercial concrete polishing in Vaughan to last for years to come.

These are some of the benefits you can expect from our floor
polishing services

•  Low-maintenance – Carpet flooring collects dust easily and requires meticulous care to keep from damaging the fibres; tiles need regular grout cleaning; hardwood flooring requires frequent refinishing to maintain its sheen. In comparison, a polished concrete floor finish doesn’t take too much to maintain. All you need to do is provide regular sweeping and mopping to avoid dirt accumulation. With proper cleanliness, your floor can keep its gloss and stay stunning.
•  Eco-friendly – Our concrete polishing services use no hazardous chemicals to install or maintain. Polished concrete flooring works very well with radiant floor heating systems, which can help reduce energy costs and make your space more energy-efficient.
•  Durable – Concrete is a reliable, durable material. Polishing equipment and chemicals are used to grind and harden concrete floor surfaces to achieve greater strength. Polished concrete is sturdy, so you’ll have fewer chips and scratches affecting the look of your floor. For places with heavy foot traffic, or that use heavy machinery, it easily withstands regular wear-and-tear without difficulty. You save on the cost for repair or replacement
•  Long-lasting – With the right care, our polished floors can last a lifetime. You can expect to go years without significant maintenance. Under the right circumstances, polished concrete flooring outlasts other flooring options like tiles, carpeting, or wood laminate.
•  Versatile – Polished concrete is arguably the best and most versatile flooring option and is suitable for every part of your establishment — including the reception area, bathroom, stockroom, and parking/garage. In contrast, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, and laminate floor finishes are great for only select parts of an establishment. Hardwood is not a good idea for areas prone to moisture buildup (like bathrooms or restaurant kitchens), and tiles may not withstand the weight of heavy equipment or vehicles.
•  Appealing – Many feel that concrete makes a place uninviting and factory-like, but this need not be so. Concrete surfaces can be enhanced through polishing, staining, and dyeing to bring a unique esthetic to your facility. Compared to the limited designs tile or laminate manufacturers offer, these techniques allowing you to achieve the designs you prefer.

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Install new concrete flooring or protect and enhance your business’ existing concrete surfaces with the help of Concrete Epoxy 101 . We offer top quality workmanship and polishing services for commercial and industrial establishments.

Trust our professional, hard-working team of specialists to get your flooring set up right. Concrete Epoxy 101 prides itself on providing clients with the flooring you deserve. Give us a call at (416) 838-5188 for commercial concrete polishing in Vaughan for your home or business. We’re ready and willing to give you the solutions you’re seeking.
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