"Lift Your Spirits" at the “2018 Halloween Haunt”: Canada's Wonderland Has the Best Fright Fest in Town - Concrete Epoxy 101
“Lift Your Spirits” at the “2018 Halloween Haunt”:  Canada’s Wonderland Has the Best Fright Fest in Town

“Lift Your Spirits” at the “2018 Halloween Haunt”: Canada’s Wonderland Has the Best Fright Fest in Town

Halloween Haunt is the largest Halloween event in the Greater Toronto Area. Every October, Canada’s Wonderland transforms into one of the best fright fests — right in Concrete Epoxy 101’s own neighbourhood! Experience the thrills of your favourite rides at night, along with special scream zones, wandering monsters, and other eeries surprises. Get ready for the fright of your life.

Since Halloween Haunt is a very popular event, plan your visit in advance. That way, you won’t waste time standing in line and can get to the attractions right away. A few things to do before you leave the house include:

  • Buy tickets online to find deals
  • Research the attractions
  • Select the experiences you’re interested in
  • Plan your route

Once you’re at the event, there are things you can do to make Halloween Haunt a safe and memorable experience. There are certain rules in place to ensure a safe visit for all guests. Breaking the rules can get you ejected from the event without a refund (and a visit to the local jailhouse). Follow these tips to participate in Halloween Haunt to enjoy your visit.

“Survival” Tips

    • Safety – In order to create an authentic Halloween atmosphere, attractions will use lights, sounds, and fog in unusual ways. Be prepared for low lighting, strobe lights, and loud sounds when visiting any of the attractions.Guests with sensitivity to lights and sound, or who have respiratory issues, are advised not to participate in these attractions to avoid health concerns. This event is not recommended for children under 13 years of age.


    • Bags – Upon entering the park, guests must pass through a metal detector and are subject to inspection. All your bags and items will be checked and searched for prohibited objects (e.g. laser pointers, aerosol sprays, illegal weapons, and replica weapons). Be advised that guests who fail to comply with the search will be denied admission into Canada’s Wonderland.


avoid taking photos in the park

    • Photography – All camera-equipped devices (including cell phones and PDAs) are prohibited from being used in washrooms, attractions, and rides. The park also does not allow professional filming or photography. Recordings and photos are permitted only for personal use, and not for financial gain, media publication, or distribution.


    • Clothing – Halloween Haunt has a dress code. Guests must wear proper attire (e.g. shirts and shoes) at all times. Guests in costume, masks, or makeup, will not be permitted to enter Halloween Haunt.


  • Behaviour – Certain behaviour is not permitted inside Canada’s Wonderland (e.g. abusive behaviour, line jumping, fighting, and theft). These actions will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection from the park. Guests are not permitted to touch any staff member and staff will not touch any guests.

Tickets and Passes

You can purchase your tickets from the front gate on the day you attend Halloween Haunt. However, if you are looking for special deals, consider buying tickets online. You can get exclusive discounts and extra perks to enhance your experience, especially if you plan on visiting Halloween Haunt more than once. Take a look at these passes to help you make up your mind.

buy special tickets

    • Haunt Admission ($32.99) – Buying these regular tickets online can save up to $16 compared to the front gate ticket price. Take note that Halloween Haunt is a special event. This event is not covered by regular admission to Canada’s Wonderland, nor by a Season Pass.


    • Haunt Passholder Discount ($9.99) – Any guests who hold special passes to Canada’s Wonderland receive special discounts for tickets to enter. All 2018 and 2019 Passholders pay only $9.99 for tickets on opening night, saving $38 from the front gate price.


    • Haunt Pass ($51.99) – For $51.99, you can also buy a Haunt Pass good for 14 nights. The Haunt Pass gives you unlimited access to all attractions available at Halloween Haunt for as many times as you want, perfect if you want to enjoy yourself as much as you want. These passes are limited-offer; buy one before they sell out.


    • Fright Lane ($50) – If you want to get to the Haunt mazes faster, buy a Fright Lane pass to bypass the wait line once per pass. Haunt admission is still separate, so you’ll have to buy an entry ticket first.


    • Admission + Fright Lane ($74.99) – Buy regular admission and Fright Lane together to get you to the attractions faster. You can save up to $24 dollars with this package and skip the waiting lines for all Haunt mazes.


    • Haunt All Inclusive Ticket ($99.99) – This package saves you up to $84 with a whole set for everything available at Halloween Haunt. It comes with one Haunt admission, Fast Lane Plus (for the rides), Fright Lane Plus, and includes a Single Meal Deal. If you’re looking for a complete experience at the event, this could be for you.


  • 15+ Group Admission ($35.99) – Perfect for large groups, this lets you bring 15+ people and save. Buy your tickets at $35.99 each and save on your big orders.Ticket prices do not include applicable taxes and fees. Canada’s Wonderland is not responsible for any losses due to unauthorized duplication, or resale auction sites, so be careful about which website you use to buy tickets. Tickets bought from unauthorized sites will not be considered valid for entry into Canada’s Wonderland or Halloween Haunt.


Halloween Haunt boasts a variety of attractions and shows created specifically for this event. Here are just some of the special “creature features” to give you an idea what is to come:

    • Sci-fi House – What looks like a normal house in a little town quickly turns into a maze of sci-fi horror. The Sci-fi House oozes with dangerous, otherworldly horrors ready to inflict terror on all who enter.


    • The Crypt – A new addition to Halloween Haunt’s attractions, the Crypt offers freshly created scares. Evade the rising dead in an underground catacomb and try to escape…if you can. (Bwahahahahahaha….)


old man

    • Cornstalkers – Old man Howell’s corn maze is a popular attraction every year, and has just one rule: be out before dark. Enter the maze, brave the haunted corn field, and watch out for the scarecrows.


silent disco

    • Vampire Disco – Dance the night away at this vampire coven. Vampire Disco is a dance party for the willing. The music is played through wireless headphones only the dancers can hear. Put on a pair and join in if you’re brave enough to bust a move.


  • Devil’s Circus – Looking for fiery feats of athleticism? Then check out Devil’s Circus, where you never know whose soul might be claimed next. Watch, but keep your distance.

Halloween Haunt has the chills and thrills to make this one of your best Halloween experiences ever. It is a very popular event, so be prepared for crowds. Consider buying a Fright Lane pass that will help you avoid waiting in line for rides.

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For guests looking for a different kind of thrill, the rest of the rides at Canada’s Wonderland will still be open.

Keep an eye for other Halloween events that might be more up your alley. For example, the Monster Dash might be a good pick for the health-conscious.

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