Alliston Garage Epoxy
If you’re considering refurbishing your garage and are looking into your options, you might have heard about epoxy floor coating. There are multiple reasons people turn to an epoxy coating, and you’ll find it very beneficial to your home. Not only can it help to fortify the concrete surface of your garage floor, but it also helps to keep the home cleaner and tidier. Whether you’re thinking of your home garage, or an auto shop garage – garage epoxy flooring is a great choice.

It looks great

Giving your garage a new look is always a great change to make, and an epoxy floor can completely transform the space into a more modern-looking and sleeker environment. The sheen finish and smooth surface compliments any garage and will help to bring even more light into your garage. The reflective surface bounces light around much more efficiently, making working in your garage a breeze. If your previous floor was bumpy, scratched, had chips taken out of it, stained, or otherwise – you can completely cover that up with this epoxy coating. Not only that but there are multiple options to choose from when having your floor coated – from colors to the garage epoxy flake system to give it that extra flair.

It’s durable

Bringing cars in and out on a daily basis can put your garage floor under a lot of stress, and over time it’s going to damage and wear it down. To protect it, you need to give it some kind of coating that’s resistant to daily weathering. The epoxy coating works to fortify your floor, meaning that no matter how often you’re bringing your car in and out – you don’t have to worry about causing any lasting damage to your home. It’s not just moving your car, but things like spills and dirt are much easier to clean thanks to the epoxy’s smooth properties. Maintenance overall can be easier to manage, so no more worrying about lasting marks while trying to work in your garage. Stains aren’t your only worry in a garage, as your car will emit a lot of harmful chemicals – that while you can’t see them, will do lasting damage to the structure of your home. An epoxy coating will resist that, and can easily be cleaned off over time.


Something that a lot of people struggle with when refurbishing their homes is the cost. If you’re thinking of having your garage floor redone, then you could be looking at many different options. This is where epoxy resin coating can really shine – because it’s one of the more cost-effective options you can choose. Not only does it leave a great finish to your garage floor, that’s going to outlast tile or other choices – but it’s simply cheaper and easier to do. Thanks to the low maintenance, you’ll also not have to pay much in terms of having it repaired or replaced – unlike tiling or otherwise.
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