Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

          Concrete Epoxy 101


Is your old floor an eyesore.? With epoxy having the qualities of being:

– water resistant


-highly durable

Is the main reason epoxy flooring is in such high demand in the market. Large industries and commercial establishments are looking for epoxy flooring companies to perform the service. We provide the best Epoxy flooring in Vaughan, Toronto and Richmond hill.

Why Choose Us for Your Epoxy Flooring Services:

As an epoxy flooring company, our company stands out because it offers qualified services that make it stand out in the market. Therefore, there are many reasons to sign a contract with us:

  • Innovation – We stand out for being a company that is always concerned about looking for new things. Therefore, as an epoxy flooring company, it seeks to offer the best on the market;
  • Specialized Service – One of Concrete epoxy 101’s biggest concerns is to guarantee the comfort and convenience of its customers by offering a differentiated service to meet the most different types of requests;
  • Variety – The diversity of requests derives from the variety of services that we perform as an epoxy flooring company.
  • Quality Products – The quality of the products is excellent, with first-class work materials. They are products exclusively prepared for customers who have an aesthetic refinement and need a high level of guarantee in the performance of the service;
  • Qualified Professionals – All work is conducted in conjunction with a highly experienced and qualified team. Always following the Regulatory Norms, constant training is carried out to guarantee the excellence of the services provided by Concrete epoxy 101.

Discover the Services of Concrete Epoxy 101

Concrete epoxy 101 is concerned with offering quality services to its customers. Therefore, all steps are carefully thought out. First, surface preparation is done by polishing. Then, the product is applied, consisting of a liquid and thermoset element, which hardens its consistency when mixed with a catalyst agent, thus gradually forming a levelling layer.

The execution period follows the schedule established between the parties. And in 12 hours after application, which will release the environment for circulation.

Know How the Epoxy Floor Installation Works

As in houses or apartments, those who want to build or renovate their industries, warehouses, or commercial establishments find various products and prices on the market.

Concrete epoxy 101 has been in the market for years. It has extensive experience, mainly with medium and large customers, offering some solutions that achieve superior results in epoxy flooring.

The company also carries out another mechanical process on the surface, which can be polishing or milling, depending on the condition of the floor, to achieve more grip and durability.

By working with high quality and reliable raw material, we achieve the surprising result of releasing your space in just a few hours after the end of the work. It is possible to cover large areas in a short time. In addition to the epoxy flooring, the company also works with polyurethane flooring, which, among its positive points, has high resistance to abrasion and good resistance to thermal shocks.

The epoxy floor can be made with epoxy resin and quartz), multilayer (more appropriate to correct deficiencies in the floor), self-levelling (has better aesthetic finish) and painting (which may be smooth or slip). Any of the options presented are offered by Concrete epoxy 101, which has experienced professionals to carry out the application chosen by the client.

Discover the Several Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

In addition to those already mentioned, what can point out several other advantages in the choice of epoxy flooring? Because it has multiple layers, it improves the site’s flatness and offers several options for thickness and aesthetic finish. The great cost-benefit ratio is another important point that weighs in at the moment of decision.

For all these factors, epoxy flooring is the coating of choice for garages, airports and hospitals, especially in the latter. However, it requires floors with chemical and dirt resistance that are easy to clean (remembering that, since there are no joints, the epoxy floor does not accumulate bacteria).

Discover 5 Reasons to Choose Epoxy Flooring:

  • High resistance to chemicals and heavy weights
  • Great durability without damage to your material
  • Easy to clean and keep it looking good because it is smooth and has no dividers
  • more cost-effective in the long run than regular material
  • Promotes an aesthetic of brightness and functionality to your floor

Application of Multi-Layered Epoxy Floor with Finish

Our team carries out multilayer epoxy flooring by applying overlapping layers of mortar. Between one layer and the other, quartz is sprayed to incorporate into the viscous primer. The application in layers and the spraying of quartz guarantee some essential aspects of the multilayer epoxy flooring, such as:

  • High hardness level
  • Regularity and levelling
  • Floor thickness

Solution for Replacement and Other Floor Defects

The multilayer epoxy flooring supplied by Concrete epoxy 101 helps restores damaged floors. To solve damage and surface unevenness on the floor, the use of self-levelling epoxy material eliminates irregularities, making the floor suitable for proper use. In cases where the damage is more serious, such as those that show cracks, breaks, among other signs, the multilayer epoxy floor achieves a greater degree of levelling.

Multilayer Epoxy Floor Utilities

As a material capable of solving damage to the surface on which it is applied, multilayer epoxy flooring gives the place great protection to the floor. The layers of epoxy material allow the floor to be waterproofed and increase its resistance to chemical and abrasive materials. The floor also becomes more durable for heavy traffic, equipment transport, and material loading places.

For places that want a good appearance, we offer, together with the multilayer epoxy floor, the application of an epoxy paint finish. The use of high thickness epoxy dye complements the multilayer flooring and provides an aseptic and glossy aesthetic appearance. In addition, the finish helps in the cleaning and maintenance of the multilayer epoxy floor, keeping the environment clean.

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