5 Reasons for Having Concrete Polishing in Your Business

5 Reasons for Having Concrete Polishing in Your Business

If you are running a business, you know that first impressions count. And, you will also know that your customers will make up their minds about your company in just a few seconds. 

So, how can you keep your commercial premises clean, efficient, and aesthetically appealing and make a stellar impression at any time? The answer is in concrete polishing!

Commercial concrete polishing refers to a multi-step process during which bonded abrasives will ground and hone a concrete surface, thus polishing it. Once polished, concrete becomes more visually appealing, resistant to chemical damage, and longer-lasting, making it the perfect choice for your commercial flooring. 

At Concrete Epoxy 101, our team of commercial concrete polishing experts has the expertise and knowledge needed to deliver tailored, high-quality solutions for any commercial premises. 

Affordability and Longevity

Whether you are looking to install commercial flooring or renovate your existing business floor, you might be in the process of choosing the right material for your project. 

While tiles and hardwood are common choices, there are several aspects to take into consideration, including affordability and longevity.

Both polished concrete and epoxy floors are great choices that tick all the boxes in terms of cost-effectiveness and durability. 

In particular, concrete polishing allows you to make the most of the properties of concrete, including its high resistance to wear and tear and resilience. No matter whether you run a spacious retail store that sees a heavy daily footfall or you operate a workshop for truck repairs, concrete polishing will be able to meet unparalleled durability standards. 

What’s more, polished concrete flooring can be as affordable as $4 per square foot, which makes it far more cost-effective than hardwood ($6-$25 per square foot) or rubber tile flooring ($10 per square foot).

Ease of Maintenance

No matter whether you are doing to renovate the flooring of your restaurant, showroom, or warehouse: thinking about how the flooring material will impact your daily operations and productivity is paramount. 

After all, the last thing you’ll want is to waste precious resources and labor on continuous cleaning – or, even worse, on having to replace your floor after just a few years!

If you have been considering epoxy coating for your commercial flooring, it is important to keep in mind that this kind of material requires regular recoating, sanding, and polishing to maintain its original appearance.

That is why commercial concrete floor polishing is often the best alternative for most commercial premises. 

When polished, the concrete loses its porosity, making it more resistant to spillages, chemicals, solvents, and other materials that might otherwise permanently stain your flooring. 

What’s more, polished concrete is highly resistant to wear and tear, and won’t require regular stripping, waxing, or recoating to maintain its shine. All you will need to do to maintain your new polished concrete flooring is clean it regularly with soap and warm water!

Thanks to the unparalleled ease of maintenance that polished concrete offers, this is the best option to maintain your business premises in top conditions with minimal effort. 

  • Pro tip – only a few highly caustic substances have the power to damage the surface of polished concrete. However, if you are handling any of these chemicals within your business premises, just let the team of concrete polishing experts at Concrete Epoxy 101 know! We offer a wide range of additives that can be added to the coating to protect your flooring from specific substances.

Increased Cleanliness and Appearance

While it is essential for business premises to be highly functional and efficient, this is the place where you’ll welcome new and returning customers. So, you can’t even drop the ball! 

Lagging behind in terms of visual aesthetics and cleanliness can cause your customers to doubt your professionalism and quality of service. 

Luckily, installing concrete polishing flooring within your business premises can help!

While standard concrete floors can become easily stained (especially if your garage often deals with spillable substances such as car oil), polished concrete is treated to maintain its original appearance regardless of any chemical and solvent that might come into contact with it. 

This can help you keep your business premises cleaner and more productive. Additionally, thanks to the visually pleasant environment polished concrete offers, you can create a healthier, more inspiring workplace for your employees. 

Enhanced Aesthetics Through a Range of Style Options

When thinking about concrete flooring, the chances are that you are imagining a gray floor. While gray polished concrete looks sleek and elegant when treated, this is certainly not the only style option you’ll have!

Indeed, opting for concrete polishing for your commercial premises will allow you to choose among a wide range of styles, options, and colors. From adding grids, designs, and floor signage to choosing a color that reflects your brand’s visual identity and logo colors, there are endless opportunities to customize your floor!

Even more importantly, the polishing process makes the concrete more reflective of light. This means that you will be able to create a much brighter and luminous environment for your customers and employees alike while keeping your electricity costs down!

  • Pro-tip – for an even more visually impressive effect, consider partnering with a specialized interior designer who can help you add a unique light signature to your commercial premises. 

Environmental Friendliness

It has never been more important for businesses to make sustainability and eco-friendliness at the center of their operations – especially when it comes down to designing your workplace!

If your mission is to reduce your impact on the environment, commercial concrete polishing is the way to go!

Firstly, concrete is one of the most natural materials you could choose, and it is only made of sand, water, and stone. What’s more, when polished, polished concrete can last longer than 12 years without needing any major maintenance, thus reducing the need for further materials and labor. 

Lastly, polished concrete does not release any dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or toxic fumes, which could be detrimental to the health of your clients and employees. If that wasn’t enough, investing in concrete floor polishing will also make your premises eligible for a LEED certification!

Installing Commercial Concrete Polishing in Your Business With Concrete Epoxy 101

If you are set on investing in concrete floor polishing, it is now time to find the right partner for the project. 

At Concrete Epoxy 101, we have over a decade of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing epoxy and polished concrete flooring, and we can deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. 

Get a quote by getting in touch with our team at (416) 838 5188 or visit us at #11 – 60 Basaltic Rd. Vaughan, ON L4K 1G6.

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