4 Common Questions About Our Concrete Floor Finishes Answered

4 Common Questions About Our Concrete Floor Finishes Answered

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We won’t blame you for feeling impressed if you’ve seen a concrete floor polished by us. With the proper lighting, a polished concrete floor can glow magically and enrich the look of the entire space. Of course, you’re probably interested in finishing your concrete floor after seeing one. Commercial concrete polishing is one of your best options for polished concrete floor finishes.

  • Experienced: We’ve been in the concrete finishing business for many years and serve Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, and other localities in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Renowned: Some of our well-known clients include McLaren Toronto, Honda, Chrysler, Rona, and Bento Sushi.
  • Customer Service: We provide a free estimate and believe that every client deserves excellent customer service.
  • Technology: We use the best technology to ensure that you get the best finish.

Drawing from our expertise, we’re happy to answer some commonly asked questions about our concrete floor finishes:

1. Do You Serve Residential Clients?

We serve residential properties with concrete grinding, surface preparation, and polishing services. Our residential concrete floor finishing will transform your old ageing concrete floor into a beautiful and modern floor that looks like upscale granite. It will also have a unique look and design that’s exclusively yours.

Although most people prefer more conventional flooring options like hardwood, tile, or carpeting, polished concrete flooring is rising in popularity for various reasons.

  • Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain.
  • Compared to hardwood or carpeting, polished concrete doesn’t retain elements like allergens, toxins, and moisture and improves air quality.
  • It’s surprisingly cost-effective to use concrete polishing in Toronto — even for homeowners.
  • Unlike tiling, hardwood, or carpeting, polished concrete floors have extended longevity with the correct maintenance.
  • Years from now, your polished concrete floor can look like new with a wipe from a mop and a bucket, unlike other types of floors that may have to be replaced.

2. How Does Floor Polishing Work?

The concrete polishing process involves multiple steps and is almost like sanding wood. First, our team grinds a concrete floor until it’s smooth enough for the next step. We can even grind the concrete until you notice an aggregate pattern if that’s what you prefer.

Next, our team of licensed professionals uses sophisticated machines to remove marks, pits, and flaws from your concrete floor. Once we achieve the right level of sheen with our fine grits, we use a sealing chemical to enhance the concrete floor’s structural integrity and fill any blemishes from the grinding.

Our team expertly removes these blemishes to give your floor a perfect finish. We may also use a sealant that adds to your concrete floor’s water and stain resistance.

Finally, we begin polishing with the finest grits to achieve the perfect glossy finish. For a spectacular finish, we may use one of the highest grits on the market.

3. How Does Epoxy Flooring Work?

Epoxy flooring is a material that gives your floor an extra gorgeous finish. It also enhances the durability of your concrete floor further. After your concrete floor is prepared, a mixture of a resin and hardening substance is expertly applied.

An epoxy floor is strong, stain-resistant, and glossy. As the chemical takes effect, your floor is hardened and beautified. Epoxy flooring is found in mechanic shops, warehouses, showroom floors, schools, hospitals, and factories. In residences, it can improve living rooms, kitchens, and garages.

The main advantage of epoxy flooring is that it’s cost-effective, especially when compared to other more expensive finishes. However, it still looks great! In addition, chemical spills are easier to clean on epoxy flooring.

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4. Why Should My Business Use Your Services?

You don’t have to look further than Concrete Epoxy 101 to find a great flooring option for businesses across the Greater Toronto Area! Whether you need flooring enhancement for retail spaces, big-box chains, office buildings, industrial buildings, or warehouses, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Looks: Your freshly renovated concrete floors will look beautiful, clean, and professional. You can also use our services to customize your concrete with stencilling, exposed aggregates, and symbols.
  • Economy: After using our services, you’ll have to spend less on maintenance, repairs, and floor upgrades.
  • Maintenance: Whether there’s a kerosene, alcohol, calcium chloride, or brake fluid spill on your polished floor, it can be cleaned easily.
  • Health: Your employees are less likely to slip on our slip-resistant floors and will breathe better air quality. Remember, healthy employees, are productive employees!

To learn more about our services, call us at (416) 838-5188. Alternatively, drop us an email at info@concretepoxy101.com. You can also request more information through our website.

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